Tips to Speed Up Your Internet

The details.

There’s a multitude of issues that may be affecting your Internet experience such as distance from your router, processing speed of your device, signal interference and even the provider capability at the other end of that site you're trying to view…. but here’s a few simple tips that you can try that will improve your Freedom Internet connection speed.

Turn off any unused or extra internet-connected devices.

In most cases, your unused Internet-connected devices are sipping marginal amounts of your bandwidth.However, if you have multiple phones, tablets, smart TVs, computers, smart home devices, and video game consoles sharing your home network, all of that data usage can add up and result in reduced available bandwidth.Additionally, you may think that your devices are sitting idle, but if they’re on, they’re likely still using data. Many devices are now set to automatically download and install updates as they become available.

That’s not just system updates, either. That includes individual app updates.And if you’re running a lot of smart home devices, these may be drawing a large amount of bandwidth as they are often always on and will likely automatically install firmware updates. As such, you could have multiple devices downloading updates regularly and simultaneously throughout the day without your knowledge.

Shut down unused and unwanted background processes on your pc or mobile device

While most applications on your computer or mobile aren’t constantly drawing on your available bandwidth, some are designed to continuously upload and download data.

Web browsers are a key offender, as are online file storage applications like Dropbox.

Find a software solution

There’s a chance that software, not hardware, is at the heart of your Internet problems. Software issues can range from old network card drivers to viruses infecting your computer.You may want to try the following software fixes:

Update your web browserAre you using the latest version of your Internet browser?If not, you’ll want to update to the newest version available. Alternatively, you might want to explore various other web browsers to see which one might offer you the fastest, most secure browsing experience.

Clear your web browser cacheYour browser stores cookies and other files to help you load sites faster. However, the cache can also be the reason you might find slower page loading results or loading errors. Clearing cache can help load pages and services faster in the long run.Run an antivirusMysteriously slow connections could also be the result of a virus on your computer. Malware, spyware or other types of viruses could be hiding on your system, sending and receiving data. As a result, you could be getting less speed than you want because a virus on your machine issuing up a chunk of your available bandwidth.Additionally, malware could be drawing on your processing power, resulting in a similar effect on the infected machine. We suggest starting with a free antivirus or malware removal program first. Beyond that, you may find some valuable protection using a paid malware removal option.

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