Presenting at the Body Corporate Chairs Group – Auckland



I was lucky enough to have been invited to present myself and Freedom Internet in front of a great bunch of proactive Body Corporate Chair persons at their February meeting.

Who expects internet to be ready and available the day you move into your new apartment?  This was the question I first asked and almost everyone in the room had their hand up.

It may seem like a bit of a silly question, but this is true. Ask yourself, how do you cope when you have restricted access to the internet for a month, or even a few days? Phone data adds up, and we fall behind on our personal admin and/or work related tasks. It’s just such an inconvenience and is too frustrating to put up with.

Freedom Internet is designed specifically for apartment living. We make it easier, cheaper and faster to get online on your terms.

Apartments are “Internet Ready”. Residents gain access to our flexible plans, most popular being Unlimited for $74.95 (NZ) with no contracts. The full installation, management and support is fully covered by Freedom Internet. Our partnerships with all of our buildings are highly valued and this comes with other ongoing rewards and benefits, which include:
– A Profit share rebate each month
– Complimentary Internet for onsite management, security cameras and other building services
– Wi-Fi access extended to selected common areas such your as gym, pool areas.

All of these reducing the costs to the Body corporate and adding value to the building!

We were lucky enough to have Drew Hilton from Active Building Management talk about his experience with Freedom Internet from a Building Managers point of view too. It was such a pleasure being able to provide this information to the Chairs, and it was very well received with great feedback afterwards. Some of the responses from my presentation were; “Wow, there are no risks here” “It’s a no brainier”” why not?” “what a great idea!”.

Thanks again to BBCG for having me.


To see if your building qualifies or for more information, feel free to contact me.

Christina Cortesi

Business Development Manager

Case Study: Freedom Internet at St Raphael Residential Complex

Copy of Body Corporate Chairs Group (5)

St Raphaels on Stanhill is a 35 unit residential complex located on Chevron Island, Surfers Paradise Qld. Due to it’s central location & only minutes from the beach, exceptional restaurants & comprehensive shopping precinct’s Chevron Island attracts, singles, young professionals as well as families and retirees. Due to this eclectic combination of residents the building manager at St Raphaels, Ken Russell, saw the potential in having Freedom Internet installed in his complex and has been a loyal client since 2014 – thanks to Ken’s enthusiasm about Freedom, a number of close by complexes have also joined the Freedom Internet family.

At a recent meeting with Ken he said these kind & wonderful words about our team:

“Freedom Internet installed a Wifi network at St Raphaels in October 2014. Since then I have had the opportunity to meet Freedom Internet’s technicians and support staff. I have found them to be most helpful and informative. They possess an excellent attitude that is based upon respect for the customer, a willingness to please, and good character. Their response to customer queries is prompt and professional. As building manager, I have the peace of mind that my residents are well looked after by Freedom Internet.”

As the building manager Ken looks after the majority of units in his complex which will soon be upgraded to our “Premium” product.

For more information on our Residential Wi-Fi, contact us today

A healthy workplace is a happy one!

At the end of last year, the Freedom Internet’s owners decided that from 2017 they were going to actively invest in the health and wellness of their employees.

Every team member received a FitBit for Christmas and we linked everyone up to CountIt – a corporate step challenge platform.

On February 1st we kicked off our first team challenge – to see which office could do the most steps as an average – Melbourne vs New Zealand vs Queensland. The prize – a masseuse to the office to do neck and shoulder massages for the winning team. New Zealand took it out, and are looking forward to their massage this week!

March’s challenge is all about challenging yourself. We’re encouraging the team to improve on last months step average as an individual. With fantastic prizes up for grabs, (and of course company bragging rights) the team are really making an effort to get up and move more which is awesome to see!

The FitBit is just the beginning. We are also taking an active stance on encouraging the team to drink more water, take care of their bodies when lifting, we even have a weekly fruit bowl for the team!

This is something we are working hard to make a positive and lasting impact for the Freedom Internet team. We’re looking after them, so they can look after our customers!

So if you see the team on their travels, ask them how many steps they’ve done today!

drinkCountIt Feb Results


Case Study: Centrepoint Resort, Surfers Paradise

Nestled in the heart of Surfers Paradise, Centrepoint Resort offers 119 beautifully designed fully self-contained 1 or 2 bedroom apartments, ideal for a superb Surfers Paradise family vacationOnly a short stroll away from sparkling Surfers Paradise beaches, world-famous Gold Coast theme parks, trendy shopping and dining destinations as well as the hippest nightclubs in Surfers Paradise.

Centrepoint Resort is also home to an elite guest entertainment package that gives their guests access to over 1,000 premium movies on demand and fast, free, unlimited Wi-Fi. So if their guests want to enjoy some (or all) of their holiday from the comfort of their room, with Freedom Stream they can.

“Having the unlimited Wi-Fi coupled with the huge range of movies is so great for our holiday makers.” Said Penny, Centrepoint Resorts Manager. “It’s all so easy for our foreign visitors – they just all seem to know how to log in and they’re connected – I’m so glad we installed Freedom Stream”

Freedom Stream has something for everyone. With an abundance of movies to choose from their user-friendly navigation bar makes it easy to find the perfect flick through genres. Find Pretty Woman in classics, Frozen in Animation, and Suicide Squad in New Releases. You can even find out all about the Centrepoint Resort using the on-screen compendium such as their reception hours, leisure facilities and room upgrade promotions.

“Centrepoint Resort has been a Freedom Internet customer of ours for 1.5 years and we are thrilled to now complete their entertainment package with movies and personalised digital compendium.” Said Melissa Casbolt, Freedom Internet Australia’s General Manager. “We have had an overwhelming response to this newly launched service across Australia and New Zealand. It’s truly a unique offering, with content and customizability like nothing I have seen in this market.”

To find out more please go to:

Freedom Stream:

Centrepoint Resort:

Free Wi-Fi – Why Not?

free wifi zone


Did you know common area Wi-Fi is becoming one of the most requested amenity of today’s apartment residents. Whether by the pool, in the gym, waiting for someone in the foyer or on the rooftop…..residents want reliable Wi-Fi.  A recent survey discovered that 52% of Internet users spend a whopping 5 hours online at home daily.  So being restricted to just their apartment to use the internet seems a little restrictive and antiquated in 2017.

Although providing all residents with common area Wi-Fi seems like a fantastic idea it can have some draw backs if not installed or monitored correctly.  The number one drawback for providing common area Wi-Fi in the foyer area is that it may cause a congregation of people just sitting about accessing the internet. To resolve this issue is extremely simple, all you have to do is place either data or time limits on the MAC Address (media access control address) of each device. What this means is that an individual user cannot simply log off their device then back on again. If the system has been setup correctly then that particular device will not be able to access the common area Wi-Fi until the system is reset at midnight.

The other drawbacks that owners’ corporations, body corporate or developers envision is the cost of installation, constant monitoring and maintenance of the system.  If done correctly the sum total of cost for each of these points should be no greater than $0. In fact the system should be able to generate a passive income.  How is this possible? There are companies like Freedom Internet that will, install and maintain the system at no cost, ever, to the Developer or Owners’ Committee and will also provide a lucrative profit share for any plans purchased by residents.

Once providing a common area free Wi-Fi service in an apartment building was a novelty but now it is becoming the norm. This is because owners’ committee and Developers have come to realize that supplying such a service helps reduce vacancy rates and increases the value of their investment.

Freedom Internet offer Free Wi-Fi Zones in selected areas for their Freedom Premium sites. 15 minutes per day, unlimited data. If you want to know how to get common area free Wi-Fi setup in an apartment complex then please feel free to contact the team for more information:


New Zealand: 


Freedom Premium is here!

While Freedom Internet’s ultra-fast building Wi-Fi networks have seen our kiwi company catapulted into success across New Zealand and Australia, our executive team have spent the past 12 months reviewing our customer experience to look for ways to continue our rapid growth and outstanding retention rate through 2017, 2018 and beyond.

The Freedom Internet team are proud to announce the launch of their new and improved service, Freedom Premium. This service has been created with today’s residential internet user, as well as tomorrows in mind. It sees us delivering even faster internet speeds, a more individualised and stable service (private network) to even more devices for our end users.

After collecting months of data from Freedom Internet users through Net Promoter Score and independent surveys, as well as doing a full company process review, we found key areas to further improve on our popular internet service. They were as follows

  • Consistently deliver even faster speeds with no connection drop outs
  • Offer a more seamless way to connect 3rd party devices
  • Provide a more personalized, secure connection
  • Allow users to connect more devices at once

The below chart shows the reasons for these desired improvements, and the new Freedom Premium benefits.


What was important to the team, and Freedom Internets owners throughout this entire process was keeping our current user benefits intact, and we are thrilled to say that we are still offering the following to our Wi-Fi and Premium customers:

  • Connect instantly (or in just a few short days, building management decide)
  • No contracts
  • No connection fees
  • Connect in common areas including at the gym or by the pool
  • Competitive rates (no price difference for Premium)

To deliver Freedom Premium, there is a slight change to the way our service is installed in a building. The system set up is very similar, with the brains of the system in the communications cupboard and cabling and the backbone going through the risers. However, the Wi-Fi access points instead of being through the hallways will be inside the apartments.

Our in-room router is fixed tidily onto the wall next to the phone jack. Our chosen router is pictured below: No other equipment is required.


router113 x 89 x 28mm In room Router


For new Freedom Internet buildings, we are allowing building management and Body Corporate owners to choose between the following three installation options:

  1. Full Premium installation (backbone and devices pre-installed in all rooms)
  2. Partial Premium installation (backbone and devices pre-installed in selected rooms, other rooms can be installed on customer request)
  3. Backbone installation only (devices installed on customer request)

Where devices are pre-installed, residents will have instant access to the internet. Where we have a backbone and we wait for customer request, we take just a few short days from order to online. (Much quicker than your typical ISP’s 30 day wait!)

For current Freedom Internet buildings, we have all sites across New Zealand and Australia on a schedule to get upgrade installation option number 3. They can order pre-installed premium rooms at any time once this upgrade is complete.

We have introduced Freedom Premium to a handful of sites in Auckland, Melbourne and The Gold Coast, and we have been overwhelmed by the feedback we have gained so far. Over 85% of our targeted Wi-Fi customers agreed to the free Premium upgrade. Over 70% of those contacted after the upgrade said they noticed a dramatic difference on Freedom Premium – which is a great start to this new and exciting venture for us. We will be watching our NPS score too, watch this space!

We have set out on our mission to offer all of our residential Wi-Fi customers a complimentary Premium upgrade over the coming months as this service becomes available.

Note: Where we are not able to provide Freedom Premium due to building restrictions, we have a DSLAM service available – Freedom Plus. This service is similar to what you may be used to seeing by standard ISP’s such as TPG, Telstra, Spark, Vodafone and runs through the buildings phone lines. There is a one-off cost to users for a modem, and it takes a few short days to set up for all customers – but all other benefits listed above apply.

If you would like some more information on Freedom Internet’s services, please contact us.


New Zealand

We look forward to providing them the best possible internet service in 2017!


The Freedom Internet Team

2016 – A year in review

What a wonderful year

2016 has been an amazing year for Freedom Internet! We want to start by saying a very special thank you to our Building and Hotel Managers, Body Corporate and Owners Corporation Members and Managers – our success to date would not be possible without your ongoing support.

We kicked off the year with expanding the team, bringing on a Network Operations Manager, an Account Manager (QLD), Business Development Managers (Melbourne, Brisbane, Auckland), and Engineers across the board. We were certainly getting geared up for even further growth – and before the end of January we ticked over our 300th live building! Celebrations erupted across the country – we knew we were in for a big year.

Some of our highlights of the year included:

While we look forward to continuing our rapid growth across Australia and New Zealand in 2017, our key focus for the new year is to provide an even better service for our end users through Freedom Premium, Freedom Plus and Freedom Stream. We now have a dedicated customer experience team to ensure we deliver!

Over the past 6 months, our entire customer experience has been reviewed and updated, and coming soon are the following improvements:

  • Newly designed customer purchase platform
  • More interactive customer Account Manager platform
  • Service upgrades at most Freedom Internet live sites
  • Private networks available to our customers

If you would like more information on any of the above, please feel free to contact any of the team.

We could not be more proud of what our team has achieved in the last 12 months, and we can’t wait to see what the new year has in store for us.

Once again, our sincere thanks for all of your support.

James Bayly


Freedom Internet



Freedom Internet Successfully launch Movies On Demand Service


Boasting over 500 premium movies on demand, a fully customisable digital compendium and resort promotions page, Freedom Stream gave Hotel and Resort Managers a breath of fresh air at their Queensland launch last week.

Freedom Internet have been successfully providing high speed Wi-Fi networks to over 370 hotels and apartment buildings for over 7 years. Now, offering premium movies, along with fast, unlimited Wi-Fi makes Freedom Internet a one-stop-shop for guest entertainment.

“This product is truly unlike anything I have seen in this space,” said Charlotte Norris, Freedom Internet’s Sales Manager. “The impressive content and its ease of use puts the product a head and shoulders above the rest, and I am thrilled we can now offer this to our customers across Australia and New Zealand.”

Freedom Internet celebrated signing their first Freedom Stream contract within 24 hours of their launch, a large Broadbeach Resort – Boulevard North.

Freedom Internet have New Zealand, Melbourne and Sydney launches planned the first week of September. Large scale hotel chain operators, developers and loyal customers are on the invite list to try this product in their areas first.

For more information or to see a demonstration contact us;

Auckland, Melbourne, Brisbane, Gold Coast – Find Freedom Internet

Freedom Internet has over 30 team members across their 4 offices. You can find us in Auckland, Melbourne, Brisbane and The Gold Coast.

Now with over 400 buildings spanning Australia and New Zealand, Freedom Internet are proud to be providing internet that’s faster, cheaper and easier to connect to for apartment residents and hotel guests.

If you would like to find out more about getting our services in an Apartment Building or Hotel that you are an owner or Manager in, talk to one of our friendly Business Development Managers today.

Contact our Sales Manager, Charlotte on, and she will put you in touch with the team member nearest to you!

We can’t wait to hear from you!

Auckland Office: Emily Place, CBD

Melbourne Office: Toorak Road, South Yarra

Brisbane Office: Creek Street, CBD

Gold Coast Office: Orchid Avenue, Surfers Paradise

400 Live Buildings – Freedom Internet Milestone

On Friday 30th September, Freedom Internet brought it’s 400th building live making them Australia and New Zealand’s largest provider of multi-dwelling internet solutions.

Starting in Auckland in 2010, Freedom Internet quickly dominated the Residential Apartment Wi-Fi market as they continue to do today. In 2012 as more hotels and backpackers turned to Freedom Internet for their high quality system and unbeatable service they naturally expanded nationwide. In 2013 Freedom Internet landed in Australia, and have been growing like wild fire ever since, welcoming over 280 sites to their service throughout QLD, NSW & VIC.

When the company reached the impressive milestone of 400 live sites last Friday, there was a buzz throughout the company as they celebrated across the Tasman.

“We have achieved another milestone and I’m pleased to inform you all that we are officially at 400 Live sites now. Thank you team for your endless efforts, contribution and great work. Let the Party Begin!” Was how Umer Waris, Australia’s Project Manager delivered the great news. The Freedom Internet Directors are planning team events later this month to mark the special occasion!

“One thing we are incredibly proud of is our 99.7% building retention rate” said Neil Farnworth, Freedom Internet’s Sales Director. “We can count on one hand how many buildings we have lost to our competition. Happy building owners and managers plays a huge part in the success of our company.”

Freedom Internet are committed to making internet faster, cheaper and easier to connect to for apartment dwellers and hotel guests. They offer competitive prices to their end users, with unbeatable terms – no contracts, no connection fees, no hassles!

They work closely with owners committees, hotel managers and developers in future proofing buildings by investing money and equipment in their building’s internet services.

Freedom Internet have over 30 team members across 4 offices in 2 countries. Auckland, Melbourne, Brisbane and The Gold Coast. They have big plans to continue their rapid growth over the next few years – in both the number of buildings and the number of users.

On top of their Wi-Fi offering, they have just launched a premium movie streaming service for hotels making them a one-stop-shop for guest entertainment. They are also about to release a new Private Network internet solution for residential apartments, from mid October 2016.

Freedom Internet would like to thank their loyal customers for their ongoing support.