About Freedom Internet

Freedom Internet is a New Zealand owned and managed buisiness that creates wifi networks within apartment buildings, hostels and hotels. We ensure internet users have a robust, competitive and transparent approach to internet supply that enables apartment/ hostel residents to secure reliable connections, faster downloads, and value for money.

Freedom Internet's Beginnings in New Zealand

It was Mike Collins experience in IT services that he recognized the lack of flexible internet services, particularly in apartment living. On August 16, 2011, Neil Farnworth joined Mike and formed Freedom Internet Ltd. and began providing wifi services in Auckland, New Zealand. They subsequently registered Freedom Internet as a service mark. This concept quickly proved to be a success. In 2012, the company began franchising.

Company Vision

Freedom Internet International Ltd's mission statement is the following:

To become New Zealand's leading WiFi provider to Apartment Buildings

Company Mission Statement:

  • Making telecommunications a better fit for the apartment market
  • Supporting our users with faster, cheaper, more reliable wifi- in business, study and leisure
  • Providing innovation that improves investment returns to apartment owners and manager.

Our Values:

  • Fun- Make work fun
  • Integrity - by being be true to our word
  • Positive- Create a positive team culture that communicates effectively
  • Passionately - working together in pursuit of our goals



Auckland, New Zealand Home Office

Freedom Internet maintains its New Zealand headquarters in Auckland, New Zealand.


What Do We Do

We create wifi networks within apartment buildings, hostels and hotels. The WiFi model we offer is effective at maintaining high speeds, shorter timeframes when connecting to a plan and very is affordable. It delivers quality services provided in a flexible manner with a range of plans created to meet residents' needs and support them in business, study and leisure.

We can all agree the convenience of high quality WiFi services adds value to an Apartment Building and will future proof your IT services.


At Freedom Internet we:


  • Connect the Apartment Building with a wrap around WiFi service.
  • Our quality installation ensures the system has higher levels of connectiveness within each tenancy. Each floor is tested to ensure every tenet will reach a strong wireless connection.
  • Provide faster download speeds of up to 20 megabits and more
  • Priced at very competitive market rates
  • Check our excellent references from building managers/ apartment owners/ tenets which all point to higher levels of customer satisfaction.
  • Incorporates a wholesale functionality to improve returns to individual Apartment owners

With Freedom Internet Residents can choose the convenience of WiFi internet services in a truly competitive environment. We can provide wireless services along with the current building systems.

We would greatly appreciate the chance to present a proposal to your next apartment owners meeting.